Champagne for the Soul

Champagne for the Soul by Mike MasonIf you were given the chance to be happy for the rest of your life, wouldn’t you jump at it? Maybe not. Champagne for the Soul argues that the Bible certainly does make this offer, but most of us hang back, reluctant and skeptical. This book is a call to throw off all those doubts and worries and complaints and to “rejoice in the Lord always” (Php 4:4).

Is it really possible to live every day in joy? This collection of ninety two-page reflections, drawn from the author’s own three-month experiment in actively pursuing joy, will lead you on a journey––no matter what your circumstances––out of the trap of fear and dullness and into the joy of the Lord.


“Fabulous! I own hundreds of books and Champagne is definitely my favorite Christian book (or book of any kind) of all time.” – Matt Erickson

“Whatever Mike writes, I read. Joy co-exists with groaning, but it’s real! Mike shows us the way from being caved in on ourselves to release in Christ.” – Larry Crabb

“True realism always and everywhere is to find out where joy resides. In the past year this magical gift got lost or mislaid in my life. Mason has located it, given it voice, and helped me to recover it. Even one sip of Champagne for the Soul is a heady, exhilarating experience.” – Brennan Manning

“There is in Christ an open secret of constant joy. Natural depressive Mike Mason knows it well and here spells it out beautifully. Now tell me, who doesn’t need that? So you, too, should soak your soul in this fine book.” – J.I. Packer

“I read a chapter every day as part of my daily devotions and have now completed my fifth reading of the entire book.” – Jonathan King

“Some books are like heart surgery. As you read them, you feel the pierce of the scalpel, cutting away at the core issues, working to restore wholeness. You come out a stronger person because of the experience. I am reading just such a book right now: Champagne for the Soul. Mike Mason has done a masterful job.” – Paul Matthies

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