The Furniture of Heaven

The Furniture of Heaven by Mike Mason“Hear that thunder, Simon? That means they’re moving furniture upstairs.”

The storyteller beckons us to journey with him through space and time into the lives of a cabinetmaker, a princess, a dragon-slayer, a scarecrow.  You’ll meet Jacob the chipmunk who drives Noah crazy on the ark, little Jessica who knows a talking tree, and Herbert George, a crazy time-machine inventor who careens from century to century.

As you dip into these twenty-two fascinating stories in The Furniture of Heaven you’ll discover not only wonderful characters and images, but why this book was originally entitled Cruci-Fictions. For all these parables are formed around one great Story.

“These are stories with mythic qualities, the kind that you almost feel you know as they are being told. They have the inevitability of true parables, filled with those lessons which we always need to relearn. Terrific stuff! Mike Mason is an enchanter.”  – Harold Fickett


In 1992 Vancouver’s Pacific Theatre presented The Furniture of Heaven as a play.
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