Practicing the Presence of People

Practicing the Presence of People by Mike MasonBoth the title and concept of this book were inspired by the author’s love for the classic devotional by Brother Lawrence, The Practice of the Presence of God. As Mason, a contemplative by nature, explains, “One day in contemplative prayer there came to me the phrase the practice of the presence of people. And with it came this thought: Why not take all that I’ve learned about knowing God through contemplative prayer and apply it to knowing people? After all, since God is a person to whom we relate through prayer, shouldn’t the principles of prayer transfer to knowing other persons made in His image?”

Exploring the vital question, “How do we learn to love?” Practicing the Presence of People leads us deeper into the thing we all really want most in life: intimate connection with others, with God, and with ourselves.


“Through Practicing of the Presence of People the Lord is giving me greater insight into what it means to look past the exterior and see into people’s hearts. Other than discovering Christ as my life, this is the greatest revelation I have had about engaging people. It is radically changing how I look at my wife and all those I minister to.”  ~Bill Loveless, Christ Is Life Ministries

“Besides the Bible, no other book has had a more positive impact on my life than Practicing the Presence of People.” ~A. Guzewicz

“How grateful I am to you for sharing your insights so brilliantly with the world in Practicing the Presence of People…. You make the faithful pursuit of your craft and of your God blend marvelously well, ad majorem dei gloriam.” ~Jane Tompkins

“A book I’ll read over and over again, and buy for friends and family.” ~Rebecca Stuhlmiller

“What a powerful book! No other book has inspired me as this one has.” ~Dave Smith

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