The Mystery of Children

The Mystery of Children by Mike MasonSixteen years after the success of The Mystery of Marriage came the obvious sequel: The Mystery of Children. As the earlier book explored the parallels between marriage and our relationship with God, so this one illuminates the hard and beautiful spiritual truths displayed in the complex parent-child relationship. Composed of stories, musings, and extracts from a diary the author kept as his daughter was growing up, this book is an intimate report from the front lines. More than a manual on parenting, it’s for everyone who wishes to become childlike in heart or to be closer to children––two core desires that are wondrously entwined.


“Some conservative Christians may be put off by Mason’s more startling assertions, but this is a truly prophetic book and prophets aren’t always popular. Without a doubt, this is one of the best Christian books of the year.” – Publishers Weekly

“This joyful, honest, and compelling read calls me to be grateful for every laugh and each tear I have been granted as a parent and a child.” – Dan Allender

“An extraordinary book. Mike Mason has shaken me to the core of my soul––he knows me.” – Brennan Manning

“Page after page Mason makes observations that are so transparently true that we wonder why we never noticed or thought or spoke like that before.” – Luci Shaw

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