Same Old, Same New: The Consolation of the Ordinary

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my brand new book SAME OLD, SAME NEW: THE CONSOLATION OF THE ORDINARY. Similar in format to my book Champagne for the Soul, this one explores the theme of finding meaning and joy in the ordinary things of life.  

Why is so much of our existence so ordinary? Why this immense tract of stuff in our lives that seems to have no lofty purpose? In ninety short devotional chapters, Mike Mason meditates on this question, concluding that in fact everydayness, to the extent we embrace it, is a source of deep consolation. Far from being meaningless, the humdrum and the commonplace may actually hold the secret of life. Same Old, Same New—beautifully and provocatively written and full of arresting insights—will take your old tired world, stand it on end, and spin it like a top.

“Mike Mason straddles two worlds, the quotidian and the eternal. Of course those two worlds aren’t separate worlds at all—and the reality of that intermingling, that co-existence of the mundane and the mystical is perhaps the recurrent theme of Mason’s writing.” ~Ron Reed, Founding Artistic Director of Pacific Theatre

Available from FriesenPress, Amazon, and all the usual outlets.


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